mini Wallet 86

by mi’ndy

mini Wallet 86







Handmade wallet by mi'ndy Fukushima Miki.

It has a Zen like appearance and a minimal silhouette like fukusa (a small silk wrapper) or tatami paper.

Key chain included.

The coin purse opens wide and is easy to put in and take out.

Cards (up to 10 sheets), and 2 fold bills can be inserted in its pocket.

・Color varies depending on the light used for shooting and monitor you are using for viewing the image files.

・The texture is subjective, so the image may differ.

・Please understand that leather products cannot avoid small scratches and wrinkles due to the original unevenness and nature of the production process.

・What looks like dust on the back of the leather may be the uneven surface of the leather, or there may be a splash of paint on the surface.

・Depending on the dyeing of leather, discoloration and color transfer may occur. In particular, please be aware that dark colored items may transfer color to clothing due to friction, water, etc.

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